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Coronavirus - COVID19 Pandemic Wedding- Greenville, SC

Coronavirus didn’t stop these two love birds from having a modified pandemic wedding! Rebecca and Barrett opted to have a very intimate “elopement” style wedding in Greenville, SC - complete with a Zoom audience and officiant!

February 2020 | New Studio Space in Downtown Greenville | New York City | Kyiv, Ukraine | London, England | Greenville, South Carolina | Commercial, editorial, wedding photographer - Jack Robert

Madcap Coffee shot

Madcap Coffee shot

January- leading into February, I was in Detroit to spend time with family and photograph three amazing couples. I had three engagement shoots within a week there!

For the first photo shoot, we had a golden hour sunset shoot planned. I met up with Clint and Serene at the Detroit Athletic Club, however they ended up arriving one hour after the scheduled time (no worries) - which pushed me to take on the challenge of photographing with street light instead of natural light. There wasn’t a golden hour anyways- it was overcast. Despite the darkness and challenge of photographing with only street light- I think we got some solid shots! We wandered around, took photos and walked to the nearby Madcap coffee.

Then we took an Uber to the David Whitney Building where the Aloft hotel is- which made for a gorgeous photo!

To finish off the night, we had a delicious multi-course meal from Michelin Star and James Beard Award Chef Thomas Lents at the Apparatus Room in the Detroit Foundation Hotel.

The first day of February, I met another awesome couple where they are to be married: Matthaei Botanical Gardens. All I can say is WOW! What a gorgeous place to get engagement photos done- especially in the cold weather! Celeste and Forest hadn’t taken any photos together- the last time they had professional photos was eight years ago! I was honored to capture such special moments for them and to put them at ease in front of the camera. Look at the review they left me on WeddingWire:

Celeste MacQueen


Best Photographer EVER!

Let me start off by saying that we have not even gotten our actual wedding photos done yet just our engagement photos, and we are already so thrilled that we hired Jack! We have never been photo people by any stretch of the imagination, yet Jack made us feel super comfortable the entire time. He was so professional, and is incredibly prompt when replying to messages. I've heard horror stories from past brides about how long the had to wait for their photos so i was super surprised to receive our engagement photos just a few days after the shoot!

Jack is truly about his couples, and i would recommend him for anything you need photographed.

By the end of the shoot, there were massive snowflakes falling outside and I was able to convince Celeste and Forest that a photo in the snow would look amazing- even in their non-winter clothes 😊 They were down, and I think we got an awesome shot!

The next day I met up yet another awesome couple, Laryssa and Marcello. They’re Italian so by default they are a good time. We decided to go with the Belle Isle Casino (not what you think!) as a backdrop, check out how beautiful it was:

After some solid shots at the Belle Isle Casino, we made our way over to the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory AKA Belle Isle Conservatory and ended up taking photos in there, too! Two conservatories in two days! Turns out they are amazing places for photos- so glad we were able to do it!

When the weekend was over I made my way back to Greenville, South Carolina for a solid week of editing and photographing. Here’s some huge news: I struck a deal with Parlour Nouveau and Walter and Woods to open a studio in their space on Lauren’s St - one block of Main Street downtown Greenville- starting March 1!! I’m going to be focusing on package deals for headshots, fashion and beauty portrait sessions that include hair and makeup ALL IN ONE PLACE! I’m really excited to have this space to explore lighting techniques and make more studio photographs! I’ll also be able to focus more on product photography as well! Please message me on Instagram @jackrobertphotography or email to stop in, have a shoot or chat about the space!

In other cool news- not only I was able to photograph the wedding for Karen and Keith in December, but on February 6, I photographed the grand opening of their business on Woodruff road- Stretch Zone Greenville. The night consisted of food, fun and free stretches! They are certified to stretch you out- and it’s certainly worth it! I know you’ve probably never had a professional stretching session (unless your an athlete) but it’s a very good experience and I highly recommend you try it at least once!

From February 8-21 I was in Kyiv, Ukraine with my wife! Then February 21-23 Had me in London to photograph a world class opera singer and her family - Aivale Cole - who is a featured vocalist in the soundtrack for The Fellowship Of The Ring.

On Sunday the 23 I flew back to Greenville, SC so I could photograph Upstate Forever’s 2020 Forever Green Luncheon on Monday the 24. Upstate Forever is a nonprofit conservation organization that protects critical lands, waters, and the unique character of Upstate South Carolina. 

Directly after the Upstate Forever Luncheon- I headed over to Parlour Nouveau and Walter And Woods to photograph Bourbon and Blowouts in partnership with Makers Mark Bourbon

Also o
n the 24, I flew to New York City with Tiana Schowe to film and photograph her giving a presentation at the United States second largest independent real estate firm- Douglas Elliman.

I was also honored to have a headshot session with Douglas Williford - the Manager of the Douglas Elliman (The Triangle Below Canal Street) TriBeCa Office in New York City.

In February 26 I flew back to Greenville just in time for Upstate Business Journals networking event- Business on Tap hosted in the Greenville One center this month.

February 28 I was hired by the awesome people at Forest Kitchen Design to photograph a lovely kitchen they custom designed!

All in all, I’m incredibly thankful for all of these opportunities I get. I won’t ever take all the travel, experiences and people that I get to meet for granted. Here’s some tips for photographers: be flexible, kind, honest and upfront with all of your clients. They will write you awesome reviews and you’ll have a great business.

2020 GOIN’ HARD WORLDWIDE | Jack Robert Photography

January isn’t even over and I’ve had photo shoots in Kyiv, Ukraine, London, England, Detroit, Michigan, New York City, and Greenville, South Carolina.

2020 is the year of going HARD by connecting with others, building my business, and creating the best work I ever have. I’ve come into the new year full force and incredibly on fire to be more creative, learn more, photograph more and still travel the world photographing. The photographer community across the world has been so kind to me. I’m thankful for every opportunity to connect with other photographers, learn from them as well as help them. Quite a few people I know are just getting into photography and have trusted me to give them some advice on where to start. I always love the opportunity to help others- especially when my talents can be put to use. Every time a new photographer asks me about how I started my business or “what equipment should I get?” Or “how do I go full time?” - It gets me pumped. I’m excited to see people eager to turn their passion into a living!

Here’s the main tip for all photographers: ALWAYS be photographing, ALWAYS have your camera and always be learning from each photo session! I literally have a belt clip with my camera attached to my hip. I call it my Batman belt because my camera clips in like a cool Batman tool and people are usually amazed that I carry my camera like that. They also are extremely worried its going to fall off and break- but little do they know it’s all aluminum and it AIN’T GOIN’ NOWHERE.

Second tip: Confidence is key- or at least the illusion of it 😂. First starting out can come with extreme nervousness at every shoot. I understand- I’ve been there. I was sweating and freaking out (in my head) at my first few weddings and photo sessions, but with every client absolutely blown out of the water by the excellent client experience and photography that you deliver- you will gain confidence. Keep it up and keep at it!

That’s all the tips for now. More to come in the near future. I’m an open book and love helping others- so please get in touch!

On the note of going hard with photography this year- here’s a few portrait shots. These few photo sessions were for editorial, fashion and headshots.

My Wife Karolina - Portrait Session - Kyiv, Ukraine (Yes it’s actually spelled KYIV not KIEV) for @uglytravellers instagram

Hannah Snipes and Daniel Snipes - Editorial Portrait Session - Taylor’s Mill, Greenville, SC

Hannah and Daniel have been long time good friends and recently had the cutest babe Juniper :) They came over to Taylors Mill for some experimental lighting techniques.

Nico Sese - Street Fashion Photography - SoHo - New York City, New York

(Works for the famous What Goes Around Comes Around luxury vintage store)

Luiz and Justyna - Love Portrait Session - London, England.

We took a nice walk through King’s Cross and Coal Drops Yard snapping photos along the way.

Audrey Anne - Beauty Pageant Photo Shoot - Miss Clemson University Pageant - Greenville, SC

Lyndsey Grimes - Portrait Photo Session - Taylor’s Mill, Greenville, SC

Gwen Grace - Street Fashion Photography - New York City, New York

Clint and Serene - Engagement Photo Session - Detroit, Michigan


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Worldwide photographer based in Detroit, MI, Greenville, SC and Europe.

*Portrait by Justi Photography

Mike and Annie | European Destination Wedding | Meissen, Germany | International Photographer Jack Robert Photography

This was such an enjoyable wedding to be apart of and capture! Mike and Annie had a destination wedding near beautiful Meissen, Germany. Our bride and groom here are an international couple: Mike being from America, and Annie from Ukraine. They met doing missionary work.

Because of this merging of worlds, for their special day, two different cultures came together and were represented all throughout the details and personality of the wedding. Some favorite moments for me were taking photos in front of the castle. It's not every day (for me, at least) that you find yourself looking up at such massive, beautiful structures like that. Having a castle as a backdrop made for some of my personal favorite photos and moments from this wedding. You could simply walk and wander the streets of Meissen and feel the age, history, and stories held within the city. Which, fun fact: Meissen is known for their porcelain; Meissen porcelain!

I've known Mikey for a while, and have enjoyed getting to know his now lovely bride, Annie. So, when it came to actually snapping photos of them, we kept it natural. We walked around the city and for a general sense of guidance I would just say, "Be cute!" and "Let me see a kiss." Then, at other times, where I had some vision for a shot, I would bring in a bit more guidance through suggesting certain poses or actions. So, it was a mixture of telling them how to interact with each other but also letting them simply be themselves as they walked through the town. You'll see the photos of Mike picking her up and carrying her up a set of stairs. He just did that (I didn’t tell him to) and I snapped photos of it.

Talking about highlights of this wedding wouldn't be complete without mentioning the epic and hilarious dance battle that took place during the reception between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. So fun! They also had Ukrainian music they played, which was wild and awesome!

They had a lot of help from friends in regards to decorating — one of our friends, Marina Bolobon- who is a great artist - and my own beautiful bride, Karolina, did many decorations.

I love my couples and never tire of seeing their wedding days up close and personal. In this case, it was the bonus of being their photographer *and* friend! The photos featured here are some of mine and the bride and groom's favorite moments from the day!

Annie had a beautiful room to get ready in at Hotel Goldener Lowe in Meissen, Germany.

After getting ready in Meissen and snapping a few portraits of her and her Bridesmaids there, we made our way over to the outdoor ceremony location!

After the ceremony, we drove back over to Meissen for a GORGEOUS photo session!

After wandering the beautiful streets of Meissen and taking photos in front of Albrechtsburg Meissen Castle, we went back to the ceremony location and shot some portraits in the field.

The night concluded with a fun indoor reception.

Family Photos by Jack Robert Photography | Greenville, South Carolina

I had a great fall family photo session with the Fields Family here in Greenville, South Carolina yesterday! Jessica Fields is a well known Greenville artist with amazing work: https://www.fieldart.work/ or @fieldart on instagram.

We went to Linky Stone Park: The Children’s Garden in downtown and decided to run around for a very laid back and fun family photo shoot. Greenville’s colors, and the kids energetic spirit were showing through!